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Here is a clickable list of the posts included within this blog and entitled with words beginning A – L.  Each entry is dated with the date being displayed in the English format.

I hope it helps….

2012 Inspiration Award 29/06/2012

10 things someone’s poor mental health should never be used for  05/11/2011

5 am  30/12/2011

A Bit of Fun – Which are You? Which am I? 23/06/2012

A Bit of Fun – Which Are You? Which Am I? – Two 25/06/2012

A Change Is As Good As A Rest…  27/03/2012

A Comment About Commenting 13/12/2011

A Day of Reading Resting and Writing 14/12/2011

ADHD – As Does Hindsight Demonstrate 03/09/2012

A Different Child Every Few Days  05/05/2012

A Different Way of Seeing 11/01/2012

A Fairly Restful Day 29/11/2011

A Hectic Day But One So Full of Blessings!  29/01/2012

A Holistic Approach – Wouldn’t it be wonderful 31/03/2010

A New Approach  07/04/2010

A New Venture Despite The Struggles 21/12/2011

A one-sided dialogue based on belonging and presented in monologue  10/03/2012

A Picture Paints A Thousand Words… 29/03/2012

A Quiet, Reflective, and Productive Day 25/12/2012

A Quick Update With Added Thanks  27/07/2012

A Trinity of Torments – Paranoia, Insecurity & Guilt 23/05/2012

A Whale In A Sardine Can and A Sprat In The Sea 17/01/2012

Abandoned!  16/10/2012

Acceptance 21/02/3013

Access All Areas  07/01/2013

Ah yes, But Inside I’m Dancing  13/04/2012

All the World’s  a Stage 02/05/2011

Alphabet Survey  02/05/2012

Altered Perceptions, Distorted Glass and Corrupted Caretakers 13/12/2011

Always Look For The Good Things 09/01/2013

Am I a Crackpot or a Cracked Pot 13/12/2011

Am I Using The Wrong or a Different Kind of Filter?…  12/03/2012

An Excellent Day With WXCCC! 09/12/2012

An Illness That Was Mistaken For An Overcoat 06/10/2011

An Optimistic Hello  30/03/2012

And Carrying On From Yesterday 23/01/2013

And Finally Back To Square One  06/12/2012

And Ironically 25/07/2012

And Ironically, Tragically Ironically… Stigma  01/08/2012

And Now Something close to My Heart, Arms, Chest, Thighs 14/01/2012

And So The Difficulties Keep Coming 03/02/2009

And So The Waves of Mental Illness Wash Away The Footprints of My Memory 20/05/2011

Another Book Done  26/12/2012

Another Peaceful Day 08/01/2012

Another Sleepless Night  29/12/2011

Apologies 28/06/2012

Appreciating The Cracks  23/03/2012

Are Our Mental Health Practitioners Committed To A Policy of Non-Committal? 17/12/2011

Asking For Prayer Support 01/02/2009

An Ounce of Performance is Worth Pounds of Promises  27/05/2011

A W O L 04/03/2013

Back In Hospital  14/11/2012

Be Careful Of Your Thoughts, They May Become Words At Any Moment 16/01/2009

Being Real 01/11/2011

Being ‘Smart’ about New Year’s resolutions 31/12/2012

Belonging  19/10/2012

Beyond The Blogosphere 07/11/2011

Bipolar Disorder and Sleep Patterns – New Poll!  19/01/2012

Bipolar Disorder and Sleep Patterns Poll – An Update  26/01/2012

Bipolar Disorder and Sleep Patterns Poll – Closing Soon  03/02/2012

Bipolar Disorder and Sleep Patterns – Poll Results  03/03/2012

Bipolar Disorder – The Answered Patient…  17/05/2012

Bipolar Disorder – What Will My Children’s Inheritance Be?  17/01/2012

Bipoohlar Disorder versus a Perpetual State of Eeyoreness 27/10/2011

Blog For Mental Health 2013 27/01/2013

Blogger Appreciation Award 27/06/2012

Bloody Concerning! 07/12/2011

Boy In A Plastic Bubble 18/02/2009

But Soft! What Light From Yonder Window… 01/02/2012

Can God Really Use Me? 18/01/2009

Caution Bio Hazard  20/09/2012

Cautiously Positive 20/11/2011

Challenging Day 21/11/2011

Child of Person With Mental Health… 05/06/2012

Christian Concern For Mental Health  24/09/2012

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and Vitamin D. 29/02/2012

Clarity Amidst The Confusion.  23/04/2012

Clear Minded  31/05/2012

Climbing Out Of The Hole 13/03/2013

Compassionate Communicator Award  23/09/2012

Confused 06/02/2013

Constructive Couple of Days 23/12/2011

Conversations With Alice – Through The Looking Glass 29/10/2011

Crazy Glue, Internal Dialogues and Coffee  16/01/2012

CSSH – Covert Self-Harming 04/01/2012

Dare To Be Different 31/01/2012

Dare To See It Differently Campaign! 18/12/12

Daring To Be… Apologetic  01/02/2012

De-Stressing Fear’s Distress. 03/12/2011

Dealing With Sadness 23/01/2009

Dear Me, Letter To A Younger Self 29/11/2011

Deflated But Hopeful  22/12/2012

Defying The Odds  27/09/2012

Depression and It’s Effects On Self-Esteem – The Naked Truth! 01/07/2012

Difficult Day 30/11/2011

Difficult Questions and Difficult Times 09/01/2011

Disconnected & Disturbed 17/09/2012

Dispuieted 07/06/2012

Dissecting The Distortions 17/11/2011

Distinguishing Between The Thoughts and Voices 20/04/2011 

Doctor, Doctor, I Think I Have BiPillar Disorder 31/03/2012


Don’t Be Either a Doormat, A Whipping Post, or A Plaything.  07/12/2011

Don’t Play With Knives! 03/10/2012

Drained But Happy  19/12/2011

Drive Through Movies 13/08/2012

Drowning  04/12/2011

Even Common Criminals Have Rights  20/11/2011

Even More Fatigued! 26/01/2009

Facing the unbelief  28/03/2012

Fighting Back 23/12/2012

Fighting on and Managing The Madness – Part Eight – Healthy Release  24/11/2011

Fighting The Thoughts  18/04/2009

Fighting The Urges To Self-Harm  18/01/2009

Finished!  16/04/2012

Fireproof  24/02/2009

Fighting Back 23/12/2012

For J  14/12/2011

Friary Bound – Timoleague, County Cork 07/08/2012

Front Doors and Church Doors 01/01/2012

Fun Fondness For Feline Fanciers 07/06/2012

Get Your Groove On and Get Out of The Rut You’re In  08/11/2012

Girl With A Suitcase And A Thousand Labels 28/08/2012

Good Afternoon  09/12/2011

Good News Praise The Lord! 02/02/2009

Guilt By Dissociation  06/06/2012

Guilt-Edged Bonds  23/04/2012

Halfway Down The Stairs 15/05/2012

Heavy Headed But Happy Hearted  11/08/2012

He Sits – The Tower  07/05/2011

Hit The Couch – For Anyone Who Has Ever Had Therapy 27/08/2012

Hm. Funny Word It Is Feature  03/05/2012

Hm. Perhaps My Leg Is Pregnant  31/07/2013

How Do You See? What Do You See? Who Do You See?  10/10/2012

Huckleberry Finn Syndrome 04/08/2012

I Can’t Make You Love Me – (Or My Mental Health)  25/09/2012

I Can’t Stand To Fly, I’m Not That Naive 25/05/2012

I Don’t Wear My Underpants On The Outside 12/05/2012

I Hurt Myself Today 01/11/2011

I Might Get Back Into My Art Again  24/02/2010

I Won’t Go Down With This Ship 09/11/2011

If Tears Could.. Mine Would… And If That Wasn’t Enough… Mine Would…  12/01/2012

If I Was A Horse I Would Shoot Me.  27/03/2010

If Only You Could Read My Mind  02/02/2012

Inbetween The Funfair and The Wasteland 11/06/2012

Inexplicable Mood Crashes  20/10/2012

Inspiring Blog Award  11/03/2012

Insufficient Funds – But Which or Who’s Funds?  14/01/2012

Interesting Day  16/12/2011

Introducing Mr Anhedonia  11/01/2012

Introducing The Managing The Madness Page and Series  31/10/2011

Introducing The Managing The Madness Series  13/11/2011

Introducing The Trigger Warning Sign  04/01/2012

Is The World Going To be Thrown Out of It’s Own Orbit?  13/12/2011

It Died – awwwwww 07/10/2012

It’s Back Again 29/10/2012

Its Scheduling Day  02/06/2012

Just To Say Thank You  24/12/2012

Keeping Busy, Staying Positive 28/12/2012

Keeping Motivated  10/02/2009

Keep On Keeping On 24/07/2013

Kevin & His Amazing Multi-shaded Vision Coat  18/04/2013

Kevin, Wind-Taker, and the Seed-Snatcher 26/04/2012

Launching The I Am Worth Loving Too Challenge 18/10/2012

Learning About The Woods From The Black Dog 20/07/2012

Legendary  – When Inspiration is needed, trust me it will be there  03/06/11

Let’s Talk About Talking – Breaking Down Mental Health Stigma 27/01/2013

Lists, Lumps, and Lethargy 02/03/2012

Looking At Suffering – Accepting Your Own  18/05/2011

Lost Cat Flap – Reward Offered 27/02/2012

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  1. Well put, sir, well put. I’ll ceratinly make note of that.

  2. That insgiht’s perfect for what I need. Thanks!

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