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You know if anyone ever accused me of being a Christian as a crutch I would laugh in their face.  Well probably not actually laugh in their face but you know what I mean.

I got the good news about the lump in my breast today and then I came home to find out that my electricity bill had arrived and it is higher than I thought it would be.

Then to top that I ran out of oil today which means that I have no heating and we are in the middle of snow storms for the first time since 1982 apparently.

There is no way I can afford to buy fuel and infact I dfidn’t buy the last lot it was a gift well actually a loan.  I am so tired of these difficulties.

I know the Lord is looking after us and I know the bible says that He will not bring anything to you that we cannot handle.  But as Mother Theresa once said, “I just wish He didn’t have so much confidence in me!”