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Somewhere on the fabric of reality, (please don’t ask me where as I have yet to find a Sat-Nav/GSM system with adequate directions on it) there is, I think, a cat flap installed.

It is a very large cat-flap, large enough to take a large human being like myself, but then the fabric of reality is extremely large also, so whilst it isn’t really a cat-flap it is I would suggest proportionally comparative to a cat-flap/cat-door and human flap sounds somewhat sinister don’t you think.

It’s purpose?  Well to afford instant access between reality and delusion without the need of a responsible adult, or so it would seem.

Of course, having a responsible adult present is always, well nearly always, a bonus.  But hey there are after all times when a responsible adult cannot be located and anyway, responsible adults always seem quite keen on keeping one away from entering into delusion whereas the cat-flap seems specifically installed to accommodate just such a journey.

On a more positive note the cat-flap also fulfills the function of allowing one to instantly, or at least easily, access reality if one finds oneself on the delusion side of the fabric of reality – which of course would probably be called the fabric of delusion since it is that side that the observer is on and after all reality is in the eye of the beholder. (or is that just beauty? Heck what do I know about beauty? I have to look at myself in the mirror.).

As for me, well I find myself so incredibly tired and extremely ‘foggy’ today.


  1. Full of or accompanied by fog.
  2. Unable to think clearly; confused.
  3. Term used by blogger desperately seeking an appropriate descriptive word but not really able to concentrate enough to locate one within the alphabet soup which is his mind at the moment.

I awoke very early this morning and spent a little time watching ‘skins’ series 3 – for some reason I am really getting into that at the moment – and then managed to have some time with my kids before going back to bed.

Not that I actually remember going back to bed.  But the evidence of my having woken up in it some several hours later during the mid afternoon was enough to convince me that this is what had happened.

The only problem is that I am not totally convinced that my mind also woke up.

Yes it appears to be functioning but with little real clarity and indeed with this apparent leaning towards the ludicrous all coupled with a script that appears to be some sort of satirical play based on paranoia with a multifaceted cast of voices and thoughts as anti-supporting actors.

My body, on the other hand, which whilst being the largest presence in this whole comedy of errors but not by any stretch of the imagination the lead role,  seems to be incredibly lethargic, tired, sluggish and constantly hungry.

I have it, appears; fallen out of bed, landed on the cold hard floor and ended up bumping my head.  No wait I remember that all happened some 50 years ago with the bed being the womb, the cold hard floor being life and the bump on the head leading to the confused, dazed and mentally disturbed state of mind being my frequent status.

And yet there are without doubt times when I am pretty lucid and indeed when my mind and my body both seem to function fairly well, not wonderfully well you understand, but fairly well at least.  The trouble is that sometimes I find it very hard to determine just how I am doing and today is just one of those days.

Therefore, taking all this into consideration, it occurs to me that it is possible, just possible, that at some point in time earlier today I have fallen through the cat-flat that is installed on the fabric of reality/delusion. The only trouble is that I just can’t be sure.

I am therefore seeking help and offering a reward for any information leading to a proven location of said cat-flap in order that I might find it and enter it thereby getting to the other side when I need to.

Many thanks.

Oh by the way, if you do find it could you also let me know what side of the fabric of reality and delusion you are on so that I might work out which side I am actually on.  🙂