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Ok here is something different and please understand that this is new to me and so I am still muddling my way through it all – so please bear with me.

As a result of my own experiences, an article I read recently and a subsequent post that I published here on Voices of Glass, the whole question of sleep patterns within people who suffer from Bipolar Disorder has started to really interest me.

So in response to this I thought I would draw up a little poll or three and invite folk to share their own experiences.

I really hope you enjoy doing this and that I haven’t messed up the design of it.

Below you will find three very short polls.  All you have to do is choose one answer that is most accurate for you personally in each of the three sections.

Due to the way the polls are set up (or at least my very limited understanding of how they are set up) I have had to keep them fairly basic.  So if you are on mediation that affects the answers to the following questions please answer as if you were not taking medication.

Thank you for doing that poll, now please choose one from the following…

And finally this one…

I am so very grateful to you for completing these short polls.  I will be covering their results in a later post but I think I have enabled you to see the percentage results yourself.

If you run a mental health blog yourself, I wonder if you would please consider covering or reblogging this post and placing a link to it on your blog so that we can increase the potential numbers of folk participating?

Many thanks I really do appreciate it.