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Well I couldn’t sleep the other night and so I decided to watch a DVD.

I had recently received several new Dvd’s and so chose to watch one of the new Christian Dvd’s that I had, one called Fireproof.

It is a story of a failed marriage – I can certainly relate to that!  Actually I guess to be more accurate it is a story of a failing marriage which is saved by grace and as a result of biblical application.

So I put it on and lay in bed watching it and I have to be honest it reduced me to tears.  Now those of you who know me well will know that I certainly do often cry over sad situations and for other people, I just don’t cry very much for me.

But you know I really can’t in all honesty claim that my tears (which were frequent during the watching of this film) were all for the people in the film or for others.  I have to accept and be willing to acknowledge that some of those tears were indeed for me.

Were they in recognition of or as a result of the loneliness that I sometimes feel?  Certainly this is very possible.  Could it be that a part of them was for the love that I once had and have lost?  Certainly I loved my wife and to lose love is to gain a void.  Am I feeling such sadnesses but supressing them?  Do they only appear at times like these when I watch a poingnant film?  I am not sure.

What I do know is how much I enjoyed the movie and how much I think it will benefit others – especially couples – and it certainly does provide food for thought and prayer.