It’s funny how certain thoughts and memories enter your head every now and then isn’t it?

Many years ago when I was a lad and worked as a printer’s devil (that is the official title for a printer’s  apprentice) my boss called me over one day and asked when I was leaving?  I looked at her quizzically and asked what she meant by it.  She smiled and said that she knew I was going to be leaving soon because she recognized the ‘wanderlust’ in me.

Of course what she had seen in me was a sense of my becoming increasingly unsettled mentally and in fact my wandering off was just a physical response to a mental frustration.  I call it my ‘Huck Finn Syndrome’. But then I am sure that I am not alone in experiencing that!

Yesterday, after having decided to rest up for the day, my Huck Finn Syndrome returned and I needed to just get out and wander.

Of course I am not a young lad now and wandering off on a whim and walking bare-foot along the shore, or going fishing for sticklebacks, camping in farmer’s fields or nearby woods and skinny dipping in the local creek are sadly no longer an option.

But thankfully my friend is over visiting with me t the moment and so going for another long drive was an option. So that is what we did!

(Above) Glenview Hotel, County Wicklow.  My favourite place to stop for breakfast, brunch or afternoon tea when on the way too or from Dublin.

It has excellent scenery. (Below)

Next Stop Dublin (Below)

I love Dublin, but trying to navigate and find your way through all the one way systems when your mind is mentally unsettled is not a good idea.  I was so stressed out mentally and trying to keep it all together and under control was not easy.

(Above) Trinity College Dublin, I love this building!

Molly Malone statue with street performer sat next to it.

Gotta love the Irish people – so friendly and warm and hospitable!  You can see Trinity College in the background.

Yes I have a soft spot for Dublin and love visiting it. But man I wouldn’t like to live there.

LOL Really enjoyed the visit though and being out of the car and on foot and not having to navigate the one way system was a great mental relief.

One of the reasons we visited Dublin was that it was on the way to our actual destination and I could visit the Peterson Pipe shop and pick up some specialist tobaccos for my pipe 🙂

(Above) Tony – my friend from England, standing outside the Peterson Pipe shop.

(Above) Molly Malone Statue – complete with licensed buskers 🙂

Street performers in Grafton Street, Dublin.

These are all licensed and primarily students trying to earn extra funds to help them study.

Well study the bottom of a Guinness Glass perhaps LOL but hey they are young and I am just teasing.

It is great and all adds to the atmosphere and experience.

These statuesque figures would just remain almost perfectly still and then every now and then move to let you know they are human.

We had parked up, because of how unsettled my mental health was and due to how difficult the one way system is in Dublin unless you are familiar with it.

So we walked from the car park to the pipe shop and then walked back and on the way back I saw this wooden doorway.

I loved it’s style and appearance and texture and so just had to take a picture of it.

I am probably boring the pants off of you but hey I thought I would share it with you.

(Below) An old Counter-leaver bridge on the way to Malahide. (Our actual Destination)

I love bridges and especially bridges with character so had to take a pic of this one!

(Above) Took this pic by holding my camera out of the car window and just snapping a shot as we went along.  I wanted to share just how picturesque the scenery can be.

By this time We had just navigated our way out of Dublin Centre and were on the way to Malahide.  I was using a maps and Gps app on my phone but the battery had died and I had grown even more stressed mentally as a result of it.  Thankfully it all turned out ok and I was calming down by this time and becoming more settled.

I am by nature a very placid and calm person so when my mental health gets like this it really affects me and takes me hours to settle again.

(Above) The Grand Hotel Malahide.  Very beautiful hotel!

We had been meaning to go to Malahide for years now but never actually made it before now.  A movie we had watched some years back – Yesterday’s Children, starring Jane Seymour and Clancy Brown – had been set and shot there and it looked really pretty.  We just got it into our heads that it would be fun to go a visiting and today we finally managed it!

(Above) Malahide Marina.  Not the sunniest of days as you can tell but still a great visit and I really enjoyed it.

(Above) Malahide Castle – Yep I like castles too.

Work on Malahide Castle began in the 1100s but the towers were not added until 1765 when th building was enlarged.  It stands on a 260+ acred estate.

The estate survived such losses as the Battle of the Boyne, when fourteen members of the owner’s family sat down to breakfast in the Great Hall, and all were dead by evening.

We decided to eat somewhere else LOL!  I mean after all who is going to eat somewhere with that kind of rep!

But seriously Malahide is such a pretty place and I am so glad that we went.  We finally got back home late yesterday evening and I was mentally and physically exhausted. So off to bed I went at the request or should I say lovingly tactful suggestion of one of my kids 🙂

I hope you have enjoyed this selection of pics.  More of the pics I am taking are on my facebook page.