When you are built (or more accurately when you are over-built) like me the heat can really effect you.  Here in Ireland we have been enjoying the most glorious of weather of late and I for one would be the last person to complain – especially as it has coincided with Tony’s trip over here and thus my opportunity to get out of the house and explore and take photos.

For a relative hermit like myself, getting out is a real bonus and I have enjoyed it so much.  But it has taken it’s toll on me and I am starting to feel the effects of it I fear.

That is not to say that I want it to stop prematurely.  I would be so desperately saddened if the trips out had to stop sooner than expected.  No, what I need to do is to be more sensible and to rest up more especially with this heat.

For the past two days I have felt very unwell and have been very heavy-headed with a nagging headache that just won’t go away.  Additionally my fatigue is rally bad at the moment and to top it all off my mental health has been worsening.

I am very mindful that my blogging has reduced drastically and that I have countless photos which I have taken and as yet shared with you all.  I apologize for both of these things.  I also haven’t been well enough to spend time with my kids and that always saddens me greatly.

Tomorrow I am wanting so much to go to church and yet I am not sure I will be able to do it.  In truth that is a decision that I will make in the morning when I awake and see how I am feeling.

Tonight I am off to my bed early and I go with heavy head but happy heart.  I have so loved my adventures thus far, and I have many wonderful memories already.  It is my prayer that they continue so that I can share so many wonderful sights with you all.