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A couple of days back (23rd) I published a post ‘A Bit of Fun – Which Are You? Which Am I?‘ which looked at three basic core natures – Parent, Child, Adult and which, for a bit of fun, asked you to look at dividing 100 points between each of those basic core natures according to which you thought were your more dominant natures.

Additionally, I asked readers to try to guess, judging by what they know of me through this blog, which would be the most dominant basic core natures for me 🙂

Actually most folk got it just about right in respect of my core natures.  LOL how transparent am I?

My own results would read something along the lines of….

Parent                   Adult                 Child
60                            10                    30

As you can see from my figures I am predominantly parent by nature but that there is as Cate suggested “a fair chunk of child” in there too.   Why is that?

Now as I said, this was just a bit of fun but the more I think of it what is interesting for me about this concept is not so much how transparent I am but rather how these play-out or effect our real lives?  Do they indeed have an effect on our lives?

What for example would be the result if that ‘fair chunk of child’ in me never found an outlet or if someone was predominantly Child by core nature but was forced always to be adult or parent?

Now there is of course the whole question as to whether or not our core nature should indeed be our core nature and of course why it is our core nature?

It could well be, could it not, that someone who is predominantly child in core nature is that way because they have not been allowed to develop or grow.  Or because their needs as a child were not met and thus they have retained that part of their nature in the hope of someday finding a way of having those needs met.

Interestingly I remember having had several conversations in the past about my childhood and the fact that I have always stated that since I have had my mental health issues virtually all of my life – or certainly for as long as I can remember – I was born old.

Is this a relevant factor in the fact that I do still have such a fair chunk of child in me and indeed if so how does that affect my life and my relationships now?

It’s an interesting thought is it not?  And in deed is there anything wrong with my still having a fair chunk of child in me?