A fairly unsettled night, but hey that is not unusual for me and indeed these things do happen and you just have to make the most of things.  Additionally I had already resolved to have a restful day and so hopefully I will be able to catch up on some sleep.

Following up on my day of rest yesterday and in keeping with my attempts to not do too much too soon now that I am on the mend again I am going to try very hard not to do anything around the house again today.

Trust me this is a fairly big deal for me since I am aware that the floors need mopping and some dusting and tidying needs doing and a load of laundry still needs to be done.  all of this of course plays on my mind and then it gets at me about it.  But regardless of this I am determined to prove to myself that I am able to rest and to resist the urges.  If nothing else it is good practice against my OCD.

Instead I have decided that I will do some reading, there are a couple of books that I am anxious to read and also spend some time writing letters.

One of the things that I am very mindful of is that my eyesight and indeed my steadiness of hand are suffering lately and I am keen to write some letters whilst I still can.  I have taken to painting little thank you cards for folk when they show me hospitality and so have painted a couple for the leaders/hosts of the bible studies that I attend.

Monday afternoon I sat and painted one for the hosts of that evening’s bible study and really noticed how my eyesight and steadiness of hand had worsened. Which is one of the reasons that I had given up both doing and teaching art.

In terms of writing letters, when I write to folk I like to write by hand as I feel it is more personal and more intimate and shows that I value the person receiving the letter.  Sadly as I write I tire and as I tire my handwriting gets worse and this was before my hand steadiness had worsened so I am keen to write some letters before I loss the ability to write neatly or legibly.

Other than that I do have a couple of DVDs that I wish to view whilst I have the time.  So that is my plan for today.  Hopefully I will achieve what I want to achieve which is basically reading, resting and writing but not all at the same time 🙂