I wonder if you, like me, sometimes find it very hard to go on? Now for all you “super Christians” out there whose immediate response to that is “As Christians Christ is the only reason we need in order to go on/” Let me lovingly suggest you re-read your bible and look at some of Paul’s struggles for example and see that he too struggled greatly at times.

Similarly our Lord also struggled and yes I agree that both Paul and Christ did in fact “press on towards the goal” as Philippians 3:14 tells us to do, but let us not ignore the suffering that they went through or indeed that we may have gone through, are going through or indeed will go through.

You see we all struggle and if you haven’t realized this yet you might as well know now. I am human and yes I struggle. I can therefore be, (along with the so called “positive” qualities that can be listed), flawed, imperfect, inconsistent, weak and vulnerable.

There are times when I am on fire for and with Christ and there are times when I seem to be smouldering into nothingness and when Christ seems a million million miles and a thousand thousand hurts and doubts away.

BUT God is such a loving heavenly Father and He IS, I believe always there for us and inspires us even (and especially) at our most desperate and needy times. And sometimes that inspiration can come from the most unexpected places..

So it was with the film “Legendary” starring WWE Superstar John Cena, Patricia Clarkson, Danny Glover and Devon Graye.

Now I don’t want to give any spoilers or say too much about this film but I do want to encourage you to watch it if you can…

Let me state from the get go that whilst I am a father and thus had children who were very much into the WWE or as it was known back then the WWF, I myself am not a great fan of it although it is an interesting watch every now and then.

John Cena’s presence in the cast may lead one to imagine that this film is an action packed adventure movie but in fact if that is what you are expecting you will be disappointed on that score. It has some action but that is very secondary to the story line.

In fact the movie would I think be labeled more a drama than anything else and indeed plays as one. But it does so with a very real and believable storyline and a very clear and positive message.

The actors, including John Cena, are very personable and extremely good and the message of the movie told by them in a real, plausible and passionate way.

As I watched this film, I chuckled, I smiled, I frowned, I wept but above all I empathized. It spoke to my heart and in doing so it inspired me to go on regardless of what I am facing at the moment.

As a Christian I think I expected the inspiration that I needed to come from the bible or some praise music or other or from my quiet times or from a brother or sister in Christ. I should have known better. In truth my mental health has been so bad and my depression has been so deep lately that I have found focusing on the bible too hard, found praise music too noisy, found prayer and quiet times too difficult and found being with my brothers and sisters in Christ to tiring.

So that inspiration that I so desperately needed had to come from a different source and I believe God knew that and responded accordingly. This has helped me press on, has reaffirmed my trust in God and has led me to the conviction and conclusion that When inspiration is needed, trust me it will be there.