…to a blind bat!

It’s funny isn’t it?  How sometimes on expression oft used in the past will come into your thoughts?

“A change is as good as a rest to a blind bat”. It’s an expression my father used to say when I was a boy.  Frankly, given my memory problems I am amazed that I even remembered him saying it.

Where the phrase originally comes from I have no idea.  The ‘a change is as good as a rest’ part is fairly common and I can’t help wondering if the ‘to a blind bat’ part isn’t an add-on taken from the Monty Python Flying Circus sketch.  But either way it is something my father used to say and one of his many expressions that never really made much sense to me bless him.

But anyway, the reason I make mention of it is because I am today meant to be resting.  Recognizing that my health (both mental and physical) are taking a nose dive I really ought to be in bed.  BUt then recognizing and acknowledging something is completely different to (if not all part of the process of) doing something about it.

Now some, those who care to care, will be quite vociferous in their attempts to get me to stay in bed, but I would hope that others would understand how difficult it is for me to do so.  There are indeed days, many days sadly, when I have no say in the matter but on days like this, when I do indeed have a choice, I need to push on and be active and productive.

And so, seeing as I need to be productive and yet also need to exercise caution when it comes to how much activity I do today, I thought I would do a little redecorating and play with the design of this site.

At least one person, whose blogger friendship I truly value, has mentioned having difficulties with her computer and with loading this site and it did occur to me that perhaps the previous design was memory hungry and thus causing her computer problems.  So changing it seemed advisable for that reason too.

I have, as you may have noticed, gone for a cleaner, brighter and more clinical looking theme for the site.  “White is the new black”  it seems in blog fashion and certainly it is much easier to accessorize with. (Did you like my Gok Wan impression there?)

Additionally, seeing as I have made no secret about my identity and the fact that I have mental health difficulties, (although I perfectly understand those folk who choose not to) I thought I would add a little pic of me to the blog.  Hm is that borderline egotistical I wonder?

In truth my aim, in designing the header, was to try to achieve a more personal look which showed optimism and happiness despite the nagging condition always present in the background and represented by the masks.

Will I keep this theme and appearance for this blog?  I am really not sure.  It is one of the benefits of WordPress – they do have a fairly varied selection of themes available (although I must admit that most of them don’t really appeal to me).  But it is entirely possible that I might just change it again or revert back to the old-faithful one which I kind of liked.

But – seeing as you the reader have to look at it as much as me – please feel free to let me know what you think. 🙂