Well lo and behold I actually did it!  Yep I managed another day resting without doing any housework whatsoever.

I have to admit that I am actually feeling better for it both mentally and physically and I have to admit that I am actually shocked at  myself as I really didn’t think that I could manage it.

As intended I did get some reading done and some writing, although not as much as I had wanted, and I even aught up on some DVDs that I have wanted to watch.

Earlier this evening I was speaking with my family in the states via Skype and since it was past the time I normally eat and feed TJ my dog and since they too were soon going off to eat I said I would speak to them soon and go have my dinner.

Jonah one of my sons asked what I was going to have to eat and I told him fish sticks (or fish fingers as we call them) and fries.  Immediately he asked me why I wasn’t going to have any vegetables and when I said ok I might have a few peas with it he suggested green beans instead.

Well not being one to deliberately disappoint my kids I decided I would not only take him up on his suggestion of eating green beans with my meal but that instead of having fried chips and fish sticks I would eat a little healthier.

So Jonah, just for you here is a pic of the meal that I cooked.

Baby New potatoes, Green beans, Sausages and gravy.  And mighty nice it was too.  And see how I didn’t skimp on the green beans either son?  So today has been a good day for me.

Feeling a lot stronger now, tomorrow I am going to have a chores day and do some housework but I am going to try to pace myself and not over do it.  I also want to do some more letter writing.

As for the rest of the night, well I am still keeping to my plan and promise and resting up.