The dear friend who usually gives me a lift to church on Sunday morning text me notifying me that they couldn’t bring me this morning.

I can’t begin to tell you, even though I knew it wasn’t their fault, how disappointed I was.

But I soon decided that being disappointed, whilst understandable, was the wrong or an incomplete response. It was a response in defeat and who says that I shod be defeated?

You see, given what I have been experiencing lately, I needed to worship this morning and especially in the company of my brothers and sisters in Christ.

So I quickly made alternative arrangements and made it to church on time and was so blessed.

Our mental health and our response to it and the circumstances it can throw up can parallel this can’t it? That often it throws up disappointments. But how are we going to respond to those disappointments? To simply remain disappointed or to do something about it?

Recently I have been struggling and have felt so very deflated. Today, simply allowing myself to be remain disappointed would be to add to that deflation. I am so encouraged that this did not happen and I am so encouraged by being able to fight both my disappointment and that deflation.

So i encourage you. If you are feeling deflated, disappointed or distressed, choose, if you can, not to remain that way. Take control where you are able and fight back.