Snakes-and-laddersWell I am delighted!  I know that the whole idea of being delighted at actually being back at square one might seem somewhat odd or counter intuitive but actually I am.

Regular readers will perhaps know that I am in the middle of a huge task of publishing my books.  To start this process off I proof read and formatted the first two books in the ‘Whispering Winds’ series and then uploaded them.

Wanting to ensure that I didn’t then access the wrong files in future I deleted the old unedited and incorrect files.  At least that is what I thought I had done.  What I actually did (thanks brain I really appreciated this one) was to delete the updated correct files for both books and upload the incorrect ones!!!

So I had to repeat the whole process all over again BUT today I finally finished working on both of these books, have actually managed to send off the right files and to delete the files that needed deleting!

Book One is already back on the market and book two – the correct version – should be back on the market soon!

Now, since I am still suffering from this darned flu I am giving myself the rest of the day off to rest before tackling the third book tomorrow 🙂

God is so good!  It was, in terms of time and energy, an expensive lesson, but one well learned I feel.