There seems to be a trend going around at the moment concerning cats.

It’s an interesting phenomena which as a dog lover I have to admit I don’t fully understand.

Now, I am not sure what or who the ‘cat’alyst has been in respect of this (actually both I and you know who you are lol) but variety is the spice of life as they say and so I can cope with this.

Additionally, my daughter’s cat Charlie – which was her grandfather’s cat  before her – has just passed on.  So to mark the love that Janey (my daughter) had for Charlie and out of solidarity with all those ‘moggy bloggy bloggers’ out there I have changed my sidebar animation to one that includes a kitty.  Enjoy!

And the next word in my ‘Hm. Funny Word It Is …’ series will, I promise, include the word ‘cat’ in it.