This morning, whilst visiting the blogs I normally follow I came across the ALPHABET SURVEY.

I actually cam across it on Day in the life of a Busy Gal (a fellow member of the Mental Health Writer’s Guild) who in turn got it from a blogger called Juliana’s blog and I believe she in turn got the idea from someone called Katy.

It looked like fun so I thought I would also do it.

A is for age: I am officially 50 this year and thankfully age doesn’t bother me 🙂

B is for breakfast today: I had toast and I had it at 4.37 this morning.  I was feeling pretty sick and couldn’t sleep.  I was suffering from a migraine and knew there was a potential for me to be in bed all day so I had a very early breakfast.

C is for currently craving: Ah now see this might be a slightly different answer than most would give.  I am not craving chocolate, or ice cream or affection as some do, nope I am craving something very different a Parker Vector Calligraphy Set I have seen on Ebay LOL Yeah I know I am strange.

D is for dinner tonight: Hmm dinner tonight?  Burgers I think 🙂

E is for favorite type of exercise: Exercise Bike.  I don’t have one but would very much love one.

F is for an irrational fear: So this will be another strange one perhaps.  My irrational fear would be – that the voices were right all along.  (Hm or maybe that is rational?)

G is for gross food: Squid or Octopus or Jellied Eels! Yuk!

H is for hometown: Portsmouth, England.  It is where I was born although being a bit of a free spirit where I live now is as much my hometown in my heart.

I is for something important: My faith and my family.

J is for current favorite jam: Cherry Preserve, Cherry or Black Cherry .

K is for kids: I have many 🙂 One biological and many adopted.

L is for current location: Why sitting at my desk in my study of course 🙂

M is for the most recent way you spent money: Ack! Paying bills online.

N is for something you need: Ack!  More money to pay more bills LOL,

O is for occupation: I was officially retired from work a number of years back on medical grounds, so now I blog and I write but they are more occupational therapy than occupation 🙂

P is for pet peeve: Dishonesty and Lies, especially ones that insult your intelligence.

Q is for a quote: “Please don’t judge me for self-harming.  After all I am only hurting the same person you sometimes hurt.  ME!”

R is for random fact about you: Ah well this is a fairly sad fact about me.  It is the age-old tale of something getting in the middle of a relationship and that relationship ending as a result of it.  🙂  I used to see them ages ago and then something got in the middle of us and we no longer see each other. Oh you want more details?  Who was it that I used to see?  What was it that cam between us?  OK well if you must know it is ……

My feet!  I used to see them regularly and then my stomach got in between us and since then I stopped seeing them. hahaha sorry I couldn’t resist it 🙂

S is for favorite healthy snack: Bananas

T is for favorite treat: My daughter flying in from the states to spend time with me.

U is for something that makes you unique: Despite being the person I have known the longest and the one person I could not live without, I am the one person, whom I have met so far, who I seem to judge the most harshly.

V is for favorite vegetable: String Beans!  It’s a childhood thing – stop judging me LOL

W is for today’s workout: Will be a mental workout! I have some things I need to work out!

X is for X-rays you’ve had: Crumbs,  what a list!  Feet, legs, arms, chest [numerous], knuckles (former life so don’t ask) head, pelvis, wrist.  Hm  I think that is it.

Y is for yesterday’s highlight: Writing two chapters of my current book and sending off a load of letters and my camera to be replaced.

Z is for your time zone: GMT

So there you have it!  I want to thank the blogger mentioned above for their inspiration and to encourage you to participate on the Alphabet Survey by blogging about your answers.

If you do decide to participate why not leave your link in the comments and I’ll pop over and check them out. Oh and don’t forget to visit the bloggers mentioned above too.