Managed to get through the night without any major issue other than the voices.  This is a good thing and I am very happy about this.  On a less positive note it did mean that I was up all night and couldn’t sleep until this morning and thus didn’t make it out to church as I had intended.

A dear friend of mine had invited me to her church and was going to pick me up but I had to text and cancel it due to me feeling so rough.

Instead I remained in bed and actually managed to get a couple of hours sleep.  On waking I noticed some blood around my navel.  Finding blood when you wake up is never a good  thing, especially when you are a self-harmer.  Actually there wasn’t a mark on me which is very good, however on closer examination I found that the bleeding was coming from within my navel.

I am going to have to get that checked out by the doc at some point in the near future but probably not until after my visit to the hospital on Tuesday.

I have to admit being somewhat concerned about this bleeding but am doing my bet not to let it bother me too much.  I am just thankful that I managed to get a little sleep this morning and that I managed to survive the night without any major issue other than the voices – as the voices being so bad normally leads to something else.