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Ever have one of those days when you have planned just doesn’t happen and yet what does happen is so much better?

Well today was one of those days and I am soooooooo happy!

I had a lay in this morning as a result of my having a particularly rough night with next to no sleep whatsoever as a result of my going through a very rapid cycling phase at the moment with mood swings coming fast and furious.

When I did get up and after I had partaken of my compulsory first cup of coffee – which is to me what antifreeze is to a car engine – I checked my emails and received notifications of the two additional nominations for the Versatile Blogger Award.  What an excellent start to the day.

After writing a post thanking those kind bloggers who nominated me I decided that I would do some filing and computer work that I need to get caught up on.  Not because of any dead-lines but simply because it has been on my mind of late.  But my son and his partner turned up and took me into town for dinner and to buy some equipment for an extensive change around in my Internet system within my home and that my son and I have been discussing of late.

Because I am disabled and as a result of my health I live in a bungalow here in Ireland and one that is fairly long as a result of it having enough rooms for myself, my son, and the live in carer that I am meant to have but absolutely refuse to have.

This of course makes it harder to keep the place clean and tidy and I am a bit of a clean freak when it comes to my home but the main problem is that the signal from the wireless router that was installed in my study doesn’t reach all the way to the end of my bungalow.  This therefore meant that it has been very difficult for me to sit in the comfort of my lounge and use my laptop or my android pad.

So Matthew and I had discussed moving the router into the hallway but there were a couple of major problems with this.  Firstly there were no power points out there and secondly there were no telephone points out there.

But as I say, today Matthew  and Trish took me into town to get some equipment and he has now not only installed a power-point and a telephone socket and moved my wireless router into the hallway outside of my study but also installed a power-point and a second wireless router at the other end of my bungalow.  So I now have wireless access in ever room of my home and also in my garden and I am delighted.

Wanting to do a good job and keen to make sure that I remain safe, not only has he done this for me but he has also started to re-route all of the network cabling, telephone cabling and television cabling up through the attic space and down into the rooms.  This way not only does it make my hallways look a lot tidier but it also means that there is less chance of me falling over any loose cables should they come free from the walls.  It isn’t quite finished but since it is so late we will complete this mammoth re-wiring task sometime tomorrow.

Whilst Matthew was doing this I took the opportunity to install a couple of additional hands-free cordless telephones, one in the kitchen and one in my study and this means that I am now much safer as, since I have a habit of falling, no matter what room I am in (other than the bathrooms) there will always be a telephone handy should I need to ring him or the ambulance service for help.

I also took the opportunity to do something that I have been wanting to do for a very long time now.  To clean my wireless keyboard by stripping it down, removing each and every key, and thoroughly cleaning them individually before then putting them all back.  Something that has its risks not only because of the various springs and connections involved and the need to replace them all the keys correctly but also because in the past when I have been rapid cycling like this I have started a project of this type whilst manic only to then have m,y mood crash and simply not be bothered to finish it all.

So as you can see today (although technically it was yesterday now since it passed midnight a few minutes back) really was an excellent day.  But I am so very drained now and really need to try to rest so I am going to try to go rest.  Tomorrow is (as they say) another day and there is a lot still to be done.