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I had a fairly restful day today, all things being equal.

Was meant to go to bible study this evening but unfortunately this was not to happen.  Nobody’s fault just a matter of circumstance and I am grateful when I can go 🙂

When I woke up this morning I found that I was still incredibly tired.  Not just sleepy tired or mentally tired but physically tired.  Bodily tired as I like to call it.  I had a very real struggle to get out of bed and as I lay there I couldn’t help wondering if my mental health  or my blood sugars had dropped drastically over night as both of these can lead to similar results.

Despite the way that I felt I did actually manage to drag myself out of the bed and get some work done around the house.  Nothing major needed doing.  Just a few dishes to wash up, some laundry to put into the machine ready for the next wash cycle and some light dusting.

My leg was also giving me a great deal of pain and so I decided that once the housework was done I would rest it up.  Of course me being me I didn’t exactly rest it as much as I should have done and in fact again did far more than I should have.

One of the things that I did do and that needed doing (but that I know I should have waited for my son Matthew to come and do for me) is to change the battery in the smoke detector in my kitchen.

The picture of a man of my size and my limited balance and mobility climbing up on a chair in order to change a smoke detector battery is not a pretty one and yes I know how dangerous it was for me to do it and that I will probably be in trouble for having done it.

But trust me the intermittent beeping warning me to get the battery changed was annoying me and so I just got up there and did it and hey at my size I have to bounce if I fall right?

I also managed to write a post on Joy today.  I had promised to do it and it was on my conscience that I had not done it yet.

Other than that I did rest really. Oh apart from mopping all my floors as they were looking a little shabby. But apart from that I rested LOL.

Going to have an early night tonight as I am still very tired.  Who knows, I might have a restful day tomorrow.