I am seriously considering having this sign put up all round my house today!

If there is something (some illness or bug) going around you can bet your bottom dollar I am going to catch it.  (Thankfully that rule doesn’t apply to PMS/PMT LOL).

It is just an aspect of my health and my immune system that I seem to be susceptible to these things and so I am at the moment full of flu and laid up in bed 🙂

Actually, whilst i do find the lack of activity somewhat frustrating and the fact that I don’t have the energy to get things done even more frustrating, thankfully I am not that bad when it comes to dealing with sickness.  Actually if I am bad at anything it is staying put and resting.  I tend to just ignore the fact that I am sick and try and do stuff. Which of course often results in my becoming even sicker. DUH!

My mum always said, if ever you need proof that a man used to be a boy and is still a boy – just one in a bigger body, wait until he gets sick.

“I don’t feel well.”  “I need a drink”

“Could you make me some soup please?”

“Would you rub some ‘Vicks’ on my chest please?  I am just tooooo weak to do it myself.”

LOL  I am sure we have all heard those kind of statements before and after all don’t we all need some TLC sometimes?

Man my mum used to cake me with that ‘Vicks’ stuff when I was sick as a kid!  It often amazed me that I never woke up only to find one of my brothers hadn’t glued me to the ceiling with the stuff 🙂

The good news (apart from the fact that a] my mum is not close enough to cake me in the stuff any more and b] my siblings aren’t close enough to super-glue me to the ceiling with it and c] there is no one here to nag me about not resting enough) is that being laid up in bed will afford me time to get more reading done.  I have a lot of books I want to catch up on.

But of course it also means that I won’t be posting for a while so I thought I would let you all know so that no one worried.

I promise that I really am fine and this I am sure will pass soon enough and until then I will simply enjoy the reading 🙂