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Ah yes the dreaded breast lump has returned and this time it has come back with vengeance.

I am by no means concerned about it, other than the pain that it has brought with it this time, as I am certain it is just the same old infection raring it’s ugly head again and I am at peace over the fact that it is nothing more serious than that.

What is somewhat frustrating, but by no means unbearable, is the fact that every single move I make is very painful and that I am finding sleeping almost an impossibility.

The fact that the infection or infected cyst is right behind the nipple, where it always is, means that when I try to lay down to sleep on one side I am pushing pressure on it – which increases the pain and prevents me from sleeping and when I try to sleep on the other side my arm rests on it which also increases the pain and prevents me from sleeping.

Sadly I have never seemed able to sleep on my back and so tonight, in the hope of securing some sort of sleep I am moving my Cpap machine into the lounge and will try to sleep in the chair.

Other than this, I find that I am pretty good really.  The mind isn’t too great – but then sleep deprivation and constant pain will do that too you – and my other health is bout the same as normal.

It is  public holiday here today and so I have to wait until tomorrow morning before I can contact the doctor but once I have then hopefully he will be able to sort something out by way of treatment for me.

The weekend was a wonderful weekend despite the pain and discomfort and I thoroughly enjoyed church yesterday and really enjoyed popping over and pending the afternoon with everyone at Tony and Sinead’s (no idea how to spell that properly sorry)

So all things being equal I am so very blessed.

Our normal Bible Study this evening is cancelled due to the public holiday and the kids being off school this week but we are going to head over to another Bible study for the evening and I am looking forward to that.

The mental health blogging community seems somehow quiet to me of late but then, thanks to the short period of my being out of action that could just be me being out of the loop 🙂