Here’s a bit of fun, which can also provide us with a very useful resource!

I was young once, despite appearances to the contrary, and indeed I was once in  love.

I still remember some of the things that being young and in love made me do.

The way I would often go out of my way to show my love to that someone special in my life.  Do things they enjoyed or needed to do even if I didn’t.  Take great enjoyment in showing how special they were to me.  Being there for them in their times of need etc.

Yep, love made me do things differently, but then didn’t we all?

Sitting up all night talking, long walks along the beach, movie going – even if it was to a romantic comedy or a chick flick, picking or buying and sending flowers, writing love letters, making up love poems,  compiling and giving a ‘mixed tape’ of “special songs”.  Do you remember those tapes?

But what about how we see and treat ourselves?  How do we treat ourselves  especially in our times of need?

Well today I am launching the “I’m Worth Loving Too!” challenge.

Of course tapes/cassettes are pretty much becoming a thing of the past now, so you can do this by burning a ‘Cd’ or ‘making a playlist’.  But whatever your chosen preference the challenge is fairly easy and I believe can be of real benefit too.

Here’s what to do…

Get a pen and paper (or pull up a blank word file on your computer) and compile a lit of songs which remind you how loved you are and/or remind you that you are worth loving.

They should be songs that mean something to you and my advice is to aim for about 10-12 songs.

Once you have written your list or lists set about finding and obtaining those songs.

Once you have them all, burn yourself a CD or set up a playlist on your music player, that you can use any time you are feeling down or lacking in self-worth and need some encouragement.

And how about sharing the fact that you have taken up this challenge on your blog and sharing your list with others.  You can even share why certain songs mean so much to you.  Oh and feel free to link back here so that I can check out your songs too 🙂

When I have come up with my list I will be sure to post it 🙂

Have fun 🙂