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Well last night (or rather this morning) I managed to stop coughing at about 4am and so tried to get some sleep.  Sadly not very successfully and so I lay there watching television for a couple of hours and fell asleep about an hour or so ago.

Waking myself up with yet more coughing and spluttering and mindful that I have a doctor’s appointment this morning I thought I might as well get up and catch up on some blogging and this seemed like a good place to start  🙂

One of my blogging buddies, Jill from over at ‘Not Quite Lost‘, has so  very kindly awarded me a 2012 Inspiration Award.

Apparently this award was awarded to her and came with no rules but Jill decided to make up some of her own.

(Bangs head on desk, Why JIll?  Why did ya have to go and make some rules up?  Isn’t my life already over-complimacated enough?  Why ya wanna go and make it more complimacated?)

So in compliance with them thar rules  here are my responses…

  • 1. If you were a Disney character, who would you be?

Well in some ways I would think King Louie from Jungle Book.  He wanted to be human and was just a little bit crazy – that sounds like me doesn’t it?  But actually it has to be Baloo the bear also from Jungle Book.  So here is a video showing both of them.

  • 2. What was your 1st job? 

Part-time Bakery Assistant.  I was staying on at school to take further examinations and took the job in order to get a little money.  I was there two hours on my first evening’s work and they offered me a full-time position as a trainee manager.  So I dropped out of school and took the job.  But hey I was young and impressionable and the money attracted me 🙂

  • 3. If you had to live in a so called “3rd world country”, which would it be?

Hm, possibly Haiti – if you have to go third world do it with rhythm. But only because my first choice of Tibet is technically not a country.

  • 4. Coen or Farrelly Brothers?  

  • 5. Favorite baby/child’s book? 

‘The Shadow Children Series’ but that is only because I wrote them for my son and his friends.

  • 6. Favorite non-existent punishment (well, non-existent in “1st world countries”) for monsters who harm the defenseless? 

OK since this is entirely hypothetical 🙂

I would have shallow ditches dug in busy narrow sidewalks where there are no other ways through but those sidewalks.  I would then have those monsters stripped and forced to lay naked faced down in those ditches for a set period of time according to the severity of their crime.  That way they may get some idea just what it feels like to be totally vulnerable and have someone walk all over you.  🙂

[PS. I wouldn’t really but hey I had to come up with something as I thought two note from my mum might be pushing credibility a little too far.]

  • 7. What’s your favorite thing to do that is not strictly legal?

Oh heck I don’t know have you met me?  I don’t do illegal because many years ago I decided to use my warped genius for the good of all mankind and not for evil.

Um, Smuggling daisy chains to elven princesses held captive in a land where flowers are illegal.

  • 8. Lord, it’s taking me all night just to come up with questions. How many times would you call the cops on your non-native (I’m an immigration professional – the variety that bring people INTO the US, this complaint is not about their race or heritage, it’s about their lack of respect) neighbors playing mariachi music outside all night long because they don’t have to get up in the morning before you just started hucking stuff out the window at them?


9. What’s an image that depicts how you feel right now?

  • 10. What’s your favorite ridiculous video?

Ok So I know this is a good video really but I( don’t know any lame or ridiculous videos and anyway my questions about this video are…

1.  Why do cucumbers need to practice safe sex?

2. How do you get the penis into a glass so that you can put the condom on it?

And finally here are my nominations…