Whilst enjoying the ability to sit at my desk and write for a while I did want to write a short post on the importance of commenting on people’s blogs.

My Personal Motives:

When I decided to write this blog I did so for a number of reasons…

Firstly I wanted to share my personal experiences in the hope that others who suffer similar one will know that they are not alone and that there is hope.

Secondly I wanted to demonstrate that being a Christian didn’t guarantee (despite what the prosperity ministry lot are teaching) a trouble-free life here on this earth and that actually yes you can be a Christian and still suffer from poor mental and/or physical health.

Thirdly, I thought it would afford me a chance to verbalize and thus aid my working through, some of the issues that I deal with in respect of my mental health.

The Motivations I receive:

What I didn’t envisage or even consider really was the fact that it would also afford others the opportunity – through comments and emails etc – to ACTIVELY share in what is going on in my head and life.  Nor did I envisage just how important those comments, observations or encouragements would become to me.

Each and every comment is important to me and affords me the ability to either; see that others can understand where I am coming from, agree with my assessment of things, disagree with my assessment of things, or are going though similar things themselves.  Each of these things are important and above all else they show that none of us need to be alone.

I try, when able, (and I apologize for not having been able to do a lot of this lately) to comment on a lot of things that I read as you never know just how valuable that comment or encouragement can be to someone and indeed hasn’t history taught us that a simple act of compassion, caring or love can save lives?

No man (or woman for that matter) is an island:

For me personally, and I know for others,  the friendship and fellowship that is afforded through the dialogue of comments is also very important. For many – those who are housebound, those who suffer from social anxiety etc – the ability to communicate with others via the internet is very important and can indeed be an important life-line.

And I think that is an important factor to consider here.  For those folk who suffer from poor self-images, social anxiety and the such very often the albeit limited interaction that they get, the relationships and friendships that they can form, via the internet can be a huge step towards healing and empowering them to step out and form personal relationship off of the internet.

Whilst I don’t suffer from social anxiety to such a degree, in my own circumstances I tend not to get out much.  I do not and cannot drive and so to go out means either relying on one or two people or indeed paying out for taxis since there is no local bus service here.  So for me also most of my communication happens here on the web.

Big up to the Rents:

LOL No I am not turning gangsta, I am just mindful of a conversation I had with someone who mentioned that because of geographical location the majority of the contact they had with their “rents”  (parents) was via the internet.

I can so relate to this  since I live in a totally different country from both my biological and my adopted families and thus most of my conversations and contact is via the internet.and the occasional telephone calls.  Additionally there are time zones to consider and this can create its own difficulties.

So when sometimes I awake in pain in the middle of the night or indeed as a result of having a bad nightmare or from a serious episode of poor mental health knowing that someone cares for you is very reassuring.  Waking up in these circumstances and seeing that someone – especially parents and family – have left a comment on something you have written earlier is a great source of encouragement and is invaluable.

Again, readers and keen observers of this blog may well have notice that my parents have started commenting on my posts and I am so very grateful for this as I am for all comments that I receive.

So thee you have it.  My take on why it is important to comment on other folk’s blog posts.  As I have said before, I really am so very grateful for very comment that I receive and I really do hope they continue but more than this I hope that each and every person who reads this will feel inspired and encouraged to comment on the other blogs that they read or follow.

At the risk of sounding like an advertisement, a telephone recording or an online survey greeting, let me just end by saying,  “Your feedback matters to us!”