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This depression come deflation that has been stalking me of late is still pretty much hanging around in the wings just waiting to take center stage in my life for a while.


I guess so many of us, and especially those of us who suffer from poor mental health, experience this sometimes don’t we?

The question is, “do we simply give in and allow it to happen or do we try to fight it off?”

And in some respects I guess how close it is – how much it is taking over will dictate just how we respond to that question.  For once the depression come deflation has started to hit isn’t it natural to simply accept what we see as being “the inevitable”?

But why?  Who says we have to?  I for one am not willing to accept it as being the “inevitable” and I for one am not simply ready to enter into the “natural” response when perhaps a super-natural response is open to us.

If pushed concerning whether I was; a pessimist, a realist or an optimist,  I would probably describe myself as a realist with a hint of cynicism LOL. But more than that I am a Christian and I do therefore believe in the power of prayer and the benefits of praise and worship in Christ.

These give me access to the super-natural where the natural fails me or is inadequate.  In the natural I should simply accept the inevitable but in the supernatural I can hope beyond the inevitable and reach for the improbable even the impossible can’t i?

So that had been my response of late.  To hope and focus beyond the natural and to surround myself in and with prayer and praise and worship.

Additionally I am taking steps within the natural. Eating healthily, trying to get good rest, keeping my mind and my body active.  And all of these things are important for our well-being I think.

I have spent most of the day, when able, editing videos of a children’s amateur boxing tournament which my son filmed for the local amateur boxing club and this has given me a great distraction and helped occupy my mind.

I say when able as I have got the flu, yet again, and it is seriously kicking my butt.  And I am sure that this has some part to play in how I have been feeling of late.  Although I am sure that there are other factors too.

So all in all it has been another good day!  The coping techniques seem to be working and at the end of the day the alternative is so undesirable!