Yesterday I posted an article on this blog that was entitled ‘Dare To Be Different’.

In the article I sought to highlight and in some ways address some of the damage that has, is, and can still be done by the stigma and discrimination that is all too often thrown about to and concerning those who suffer from poor mental-health.

To emphasize my point I listed (I think) about 18 different things all of which do, or potentially do, suffer from one form of  discrimination or another  or that have, or potentially have, a stigma attached to them – even in this day and age.

I also mentioned how easy it is to adopt ownership of that harmful and wrongful stigma and discrimination or indeed the effects generated by them.

Ironically, what I didn’t realize is that actually – even though I am mindful of this potentially happening to all of us, I too am just as susceptible to it as anyone else and in some ways I already have adopted some of these effects.

In a comment responding to that piece Luna Sunshine, (a fellow blogger and one whose  work I really do appreciate and respect) gently pointed out to me that I had in some ways adopted for myself the very labels that I believe to be wrong, harmful and unhealthy and that as a result of this the language and/or terminology that I used in this piece propagated that wrongful/unhealthy practice.

In response to this I have this evening edited the article/posting in question and I would like to take this opportunity to thank  Luna for taking time to comment and to do so in such a caring and gentle way and to apologize to anyone who read the original posting for my oversight and for any offense or difficulty that I may have caused.

I truly am sorry.

Kind Regards,