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Well today, despite having flu all week, I was determined to go to church.

Thanks to Natalie I was able to not only make church but also spend virtually all day in the company of other believers.  And I have to tell you that it was just such a blessing.

Church at WXCCC this morning was ace and then I went for a coffee with Enzo Claudia, Natalie and all the children.

This evening saw the Church Christmas fellowship meal and I at on a table with Natalie, Claudia (hopefully the spelling is right), Enzo, Leigh, Edele, Alan and Michelle and we had a roaring time.

I have never experienced an evening like it in all of my life and probably won’t experience it again but I was just so blessed by the company and all the activity and the fact that it was all just basic good clean fun.

And trust me, for someone who spends around 158 alone out of the 168 hours in a week and really quite enjoys doing so, for me to say it was an excellent time really is a compliment!

So thank you one and all and especially those who were on the same table as me, and of course thank you Lord!