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Horrible aren’t they?  They come like vermin and steal from you.

Nearly always without invite and all too often without reason they just show up and wreak havoc and then leave.  Generally doing so leaving you confused, drained and very often anxious that they might return again soon.

Certainly that is what happened to me yesterday and I have to be honest it was so very tough.

Actually before this I was having a really good day. I had woken up early in the morning and had my normal cuppa before answering emails and then got on with some studying which was going very well.

Some very dear friends from my former Church text me and asked if I was up for a visit, which I of course was as I had not seen them for such a long time and always enjoy their company 🙂

Their visit went well and I then returned to some blogging and some more studying and then I went and rested and watched television for a little bit.

And then it hit me!  Bang!  The mood vermin descended
on me without warning and my mood crashed and with it my ability to think properly.

What happened for the rest of the evening I really couldn’t tell you.  I do know that I went to bed at some point only waking up much later and with my general mood and ability to think properly pretty much being restored.

I also know that sometime shortly after my mood crashed I received a text from a friend telling me that they couldn’t take me to church this Sunday.  This didn’t help my mood and mind crash any, but is perfectly understandable and I very much appreciate the times when they are able to take me to church.

At some point during what was to be a very unsettled night I answered emails and blog comments and as I said with my general mood and ability to think properly being pretty much restored.

I also know that I did shortly after this happened ask for prayer, and I am grateful for this and the fact that it no doubt helped.

Today I find that I am not quite right but way better than I was yesterday evening and I am of course so very grateful for that.  The anxiety that I mentioned which often accompanies such an episode is of course with me but I am keen not to recreate the same crash as a result of it. If that make sense.

I often talk about the little man inside my head and explain that he sometimes gets things wrong, suffers from insomnia, confusion and the such.  Last night, it seems, he was overrun with mind vermin.  Hm perhaps I will have to buy him a cat 🙂