Trigger Warning!

Trigger Warning!

As of Jan 2012 this sign is displayed on any posting that contains content which I feel that may be disturbing to or that may trigger potential readers.

Whilst I do try to be very careful about what I write, sometimes it is important for the integrity of the piece that I am candid.  So by displaying this sign it is my hope that readers will take caution when reading that post.

I apologize for not thinking of this before now.

Should any other blogger feel that this is a good idea, they are of course welcome to copy, save and use the above image.

Who knows, perhaps if other bloggers pick up on this idea and display the same warning we can all read and share much more safely.

5 thoughts on “THE ! TW SIGN”

  1. Your aritcels are for when it absolutely, positively, needs to be understood overnight.

  2. This is brilliant! I would very much love to use this sign on my own blogs! Did you make it?

  3. I think this is also a great idea and I would like to use it on my blog if that is alright? I am relatively new to the world of blogging and still trying to find my feet but there are things that I talk about that may cause others distress and so I would like to warn others

    Thanks 🙂

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