See, I wanted to create an award that I could give out to folk who in a post within their blog demonstrate courage and defiance in the face of adversity.

You know folk who, when blogging, share a list of things they are facing and then go on to say BUT I am not giving in!

One of the thing that blesses me the most is that within the Mental Health Blogging community these little blessings are still so very much there!

In short an award which recognizes that courage whilst at the same time being personal from me as well as humorous and which might also afford a bit of a chuckle.

So I have today created the “MBBA”

The MBBA stands for ‘Most Bodacious Butt Award’.

(Did I ever claim not to be cheeky and mischievous?)

To be ‘bodacious’ is to be ‘remarkable’, ‘prodigious’, ‘audacious, and gutsy.

It is, if you will, to be faced with lots of reasons why you shouldn’t do something and yet to turn your back on them (thus showing them or displaying to them your butt) and to do that thing anyway!

Hence the creation of this award!

On this page you will find a list of those bloggers to whom I have awarded this award plus a link to the post which caused me to award it 🙂

If you are visiting this page because you have been awarded this award I hope that you will accept it in the good humour and with the respect that it is intended.  Please fee free to copy and use the ward graphic and to be proud of having won an award for displaying a most bodacious butt.

MBBA Recipients

Carla from Seasons Change, and so have I – for ‘A Few Words‘ 26/06/2012

1 thought on “MBBA”

  1. thank you so much kevin!! (((hugs)))

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