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(Clears throat and addresses the crowd) Ahem, Excuse me, but I have a confession to make. You see, I am, well it’s like, I mean, that is to say ,oh hang it all. Ok I admit it.  I am a bit of a bookworm.
There I have said it 🙂 LOL Does that make me a nerd?  Well I should think that boat has long since sailed.

But yes I love reading and am a book worm and actually I have been for years. I have always loved reading. I read all kinds of books.  Primarily I tend to read Christian books but also crime, true stories, rites of passage books, and of course books focusing on relationships, emotions, and psychologically.

The reason I mention this is because many years ago now – far too many years to mention specifically – I read a book which looked at relationships, core or base natures, self-worth and self-image.

This particular books author suggested (in an albeit tremendously simplistic approach)  that there are in some respects three basic core natures.

The core natures he put forward being – Parent, Adult or Child.

He then went on to suggest that we each of us will develop these three core natures to varying degrees resulting in one become more dominant that the other two.

This suggestion came back to me as a result of a recent conversation I was having with someone about one of their relationships and it interested me.

Effectively what the author was saying is that if you took the three core natures and considered yourself and your attitudes and approaches, reactions and responses, you should be able to say which was your most and least dominant core nature.  The other one obviously being left as the one in the middle.

And I thought that this could be a little bit of fun for us all to do.

So here is that bit of fun for you….

1.  Taking those three basic core natures and 100 points, and remembering that this is not about physical circumstance or status (ie if you have children or not) divide those 100 points out between those three basic core natures (Parent, Adult, Child) giving the most points to the basic nature core nature which you feel is the most dominant in you and the least to the one least dominant in you.

What results did you end up with?  (Feel free to share via commenting below.)

2.  Read the relevant parts of this post to those who know you most/best and ask them to do the dividing up in respect of you.

What results did they come up with?  (Again feel free to share via commenting below.)

3.  Compare your results for you with their results for you.

(Remember, we are often distracted or influenced by circumstances AND most importantly someone else’s impression of your core basic natures WILL be influenced by their own core basic natures, so don’t get disheartened or offended or concerned by their responses.

4.  What is your reaction to the comparison between your results and other people’s results for you?  (Again feel free to share via commenting below.)

5.  In the spirit of complete fun, leading by example, and indeed just out of sheer curiosity.  Given what you know of me via my blogs what would your results in respect of me be?

What percentage Parent Basic Core Nature?

What percentage Adult Basic Core Nature?

What percentage Child Basic Core Nature?

(Again feel free to share via commenting below, and please know that I will not get offended at all.)

6.  What is your opinion of this concept and indeed our little bit of fun?

(Again feel free to share via commenting below.)

I really would be interested in the results and indeed your opinions 🙂

Kind Regards and God Bless.