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Woohoo!  God is so good!  I am home again and I am delighted to be here.

First things first, what happened….

Some of you will know that I have for the past few weeks now been ‘feeling a bit crook’ as our Aussie (and possibly our Kiwi) friends would say.

Constantly fatigued, which given that I suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome would not seem unusual but this fatigue went beyond and was some how different to what I normally experience.

Sinus congestion and constant draining, which for me is very different.

The Breast Lump and boil, both of which are now gone.

Loss of appetite, which again is different.  Normally I don’t think of food very much (mind too full of other stuff I guess) and often forget to eat, but when I do remember or think of it my appetite is usually fine.

Chest pains, which given my size and the fact that my heart doesn’t pump properly and I have Bradycardia and Angina, is not surprising.  But these pains just wouldn’t go and my GTN spray seemed to do little to alleviate the situation.

Matthew and I spoke about it and he was insistent that  I went to hospital, which I should have done earlier I know, and so phoned and booked me in and then drove me down there.

As I say, I know I should have gone much sooner but when you as big as I am and know that you a) have an existing heart condition and b) have picked  up some sort of bug, you simply put it down to the fact that your heart is having to work over time or it is muscular and try and wait it out.

The long and the short of it all is that actually that is what they think has happened.  That the bug has simply aggravated my existing heart conditions.  So they agreed to me coming home and are treating the bug providing I take it easy and go back if the pains get any worse or anything drastic happens.

And I am delighted to be home.  I have never liked hospitals or bothering people and love the quite life my home affords me.  But that having been said I do recognize that Matthew was right in insisting that I go in and I am grateful to him for that. 🙂

And there are other things that I am grateful for also…

The doctors and nurses and staff at the A & E department.  Laying in a cubicle whilst having or waiting for tests gave me an opportunity to simply listen and observe all that was going on around me.  It was not a particularly busy or volatile night for them it seems and yet some of the attitudes and things they had to put up with or deal with was beyond belief.   But the professionalism and compassion they demonstrated were excellent.  So my thanks and respect go out to them all.

Fellow Bloggers. One of the most encouraging and heart warming things about this experience has been the number of and tenderness of messages of support that I have had from fellow bloggers and those who read my blog.  I cannot begin to tell you all how much this is appreciated. So thank you 🙂

My Church Family.  Given the fact that I am a relatively new member of the church it meant so much to me how loving and supportive members of the church have been.  People took time out of their schedules to message  me, encourage me,  pray for me, even visit me.  This has meant so very much to me and is such an encouragement to me.  It is just such a blessing to see a church family operating as a family and to witness first hand the love that we are encouraged to have for one another.

I guess the truth is that whilst I expected and did indeed receive that love from my own family and whilst you would want to expect it from your church family, sometimes we are just not very good at this kind of thing and so I have been so truly blessed and am so very grateful to everyone and of course to God for all the love and support that I received.

So there you have it.  An update on what has been happening.  I am home and delighted to be here and I am off now to rest in a nice comfortable arm chair. 🙂