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Its a wonderful message, promise and encouragement isn’t it?

Mental illness and poor mental health can be such a consuming thing at times and as well as bringing so many different textures, shades and colors to your life can also seemingly rob them from it at times too.

As a Christian who suffers with both poor mental health, with mental illnesses and with poor physical health also I am so very much aware of this, and indeed just how all consuming it can seem at times.

But no matter what the circumstances of my physical or mental health may be, indeed no matter what the circumstances of my over-all life may be I stand (sit, kneel, lay) so very blessed and so very much aware of the words of Hebrews  11:1 which in the New International Version bible is translated as:

“11 Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.!” 1

But of course faith without deeds is, as James points out 2, useless. And believing in that scripture is often just not enough we have to live it out and so often that can be so very tough can’t it?

But I have to tell you that there can be no greater, no more effective, no more awe-inspiring circumstance of when this is proven to me than when I enter into prayer or praise and worship.

I entitled this post “Abandoned” and it was a deliberate and, in my opinion, a very real and appropriate title.  Merriam Webster’s online dictionary defines ‘abandoned’ as…

1: wholly free from restraint

2: given up.

And that is so very true and so very real of when I am able enter into pure prayer or praise and worship.

For when I do so I am able to cast off the shackles of my mental or physical illnesses or poor mental health, to rid myself of the burdens of the circumstances of my life and to be wholly free from any restraint.

All that which is holding me down, which is suppressing or depressing or oppressing me I surrender and give over and up to God and I let go of it.  And in the act and process of doing so I leave the here and now, the circumstances of the current reality that I experience in life and I enter into God’s presence and into the taste of the true reality, God’s reality – the one that I am sure of in my hope and certain of in that which I don’t see but will see.

And I have to tell you that it is a wonderful place to be because it is where I believe God as our loving heavenly father wants us to be.  One day that will be my entire reality and I hope and pray it will one day be yours also.

But for now I invite you to contemplate where you are with God, and to spend but a few moments stepping outside of the pressures of life, a few moments mindful not on your mental illness or poor physical or mental health but in total abandonment in God.

And to try and help with this I would very much like to share the following song which just recently has been speaking so much to my heart and assisting in my own abandonment in God.