Ok so I have decided that since the news from my heart specialist is so poor that I will fight back instead of simply waiting.  My size is a HUGE factor in my physical health and this in turn is without doubt a factor in my mental health.

But I have a Father in heaven who loves me and I have a family that He has given me to love and be loved by and both of these things make it well worth the fight back to physical health.

Just how will this fight go?  I have no idea.  I know that it will be hard and that some days I may well feel like giving up, but I also know that I can’t do this and so I am going to focus all my efforts on that fight for now.

If you are of faith then please, please, pray for me.  It is a mammoth task but one I am very much wanting to face.  And feel free to follow my efforts on www.nomoresimplyweighting.wordpress.com