Let me introduce you to the Trigger Warning Sign!

Trigger Warning!

Trigger Warning!

From now on I intend to display this sign on any posting that contains content which I feel that may be disturbing to or that may trigger potential readers.  Whilst I do try to be very careful about what I write sometimes it is important for the integrity of the piece that I am candid.  So by displaying this sign it is my hope that readers will take caution when reading that post.

The fact it that I have been giving a lot of thought to the way in which I write, publish and present this site.

What some readers may not know is that apart from my writing on this blog I also do (or have done) other pieces of writing – some anecdotal, some articles for magazines, some poetry, some articles for other blogs and a number of Children’s books and Christian novels.

Now please don’t excited I have never attempted to get my Children’s books or Christian novels published and indeed most of my work is free of charge.  Actually both the Children’s books and the Christian novels were written for my family and friends and grew out of telling bedtime stories really.

But something occurred to me as a result of re-reading one of those Christian novels.  Because they dealt with items that were sometimes very close to my personal experiences, and thus dealt with self-harming, abuse and mental health,  I would often write the words “Possible Trigger Warning” at the head of any chapter that contained graphic or delicate content.  My reasoning was simple.  I wanted the reader to enjoy the book and indeed get fully involved with the story-lines but to be forewarned in case they were sensitive or susceptible in respect of such content.

It therefore seemed perfectly logical therefore, that if I would give a warning within my books I should also display a warning here on this site.  I am only sorry that I didn’t think of this before and hey who knows, perhaps other bloggers will pick up on the idea and display the same warning so that we can all read and share safely.