Jill, from over at Not Quite Lost, one of the blogging buddies whose work often bring a smile to my face, has very kindly awarded this blog a “Sunshine Award“.

I am so very grateful for this award and so thankful to Jill for the nomination, as I do like to try to keep this blog up beat even though it does deal with some pretty horrendous stuff sometimes. 🙂

Along with acknowledging and linking back to the person who nominated you (done-see above), the rules for this award call for my answering ten questions about myself and then my nominating fellow bloggers to receive the award.

So here are my answers….

  1. Favorite philosopher?  Charlie Brown. No wait, Plato.
  2. Favorite bad habit? Smoking My Pipe
  3. Age? 50
  4. Favorite time of day? Nighttime.  Hm does Night count as part of the day?  What do you think Plato?
  5. Favorite time of year? Summer
  6. Favorite dead celebrity? Hm I don’t do celebrity but, Marilyn Monroe. (I had a crush on her as a boy)
  7. Favorite Christmas movie? It’s A Wonderful LIfe.
  8. Favorite vacation? Canal cruising with my family when I was a boy
  9. Physical activity?  Walking TJ my dog
  10. Favorite thing? Losing myself in worship

Which only leaves my nominations for this award, and of course these automatically include Jill’s blog even though she already has it….

Infinite Sadness… or What?

Halfway Between The Gutter And The Stars

Seasons Change, and so have I

…But She’s Crazy


So there you have it.  Again my thanks to Jill for nominating this blog.  Sadly I am still feeling like death warmed up and still suffering from this flu and so I am now going to crawl back into bed 🙂