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Well one of the things about being laid up in bed ill for the weekend is that it gave me a chance to watch a DVD that I have been wanting to watch for a while now.

Actually I watched it in 2 or three parts since I have been falling asleep at the drop of a hat so to speak (as well as having slept most of the weekend away) and thus had to keep finding the last part that looked familiar and re-run it from there.

But even so I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The movie – as the title suggests was Super 8 and whilst not my normal kind of film I really enjoyed it.

It is a mystery scifi thriller written and directed by J. J. Abrams and stars among others  Elle Fanning, Amanda Michalka and Kyle Chandler.

Elle Fanning is a super little actress and I so enjoyed this film and found the story line – which as I say is not my normal kind of film – plausible and the characters enjoyable and believable.

As for what happens in the movie well you won’t find any spoilers in this post as it really frustrates me when folk give away huge chunks of a plot simply to make themselves sound smart and with total disregard to other people’s enjoyment.

But what I will say is that the scifi part actually isn’t too in your face and that if you do want a very enjoyable film to watch this might be the one 🙂