Hm. Funny word it Is… ‘mumpsimus

Originally coming from an error with the Latin word ‘sumpsimus‘, it was.

From the saying ‘quod in ore sumpsimus‘ meaning ‘we have taken in our mouth‘, it was. Part of the Eucharist, it was.

Believed to have been started by an illiterate priest who mispronounced the original ‘sumpsimus‘ as ‘mumpsimus‘ it is.

Refused to correct his mistake once alerted to it, he did.

So ‘mumpsimus‘ came to mean ‘a person who obstinately adheres to old customs or ideas in spite of evidence that they are wrong or unreasonable‘, it did.

Or it can be ‘the traditional idea or custom itself which is adhered to although shown to be wrong‘, it can.

So both the view that “People with mental health issues are dangerous‘ and those who hold it are ‘mumpsimus‘, they are.