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30-day-challenge21Day 21: Many people say stress triggers symptoms, do you agree or disagree?

In answer this question honestly I have to confess to finding that the question requires an absolute that I just can’t give.

(And yes I fully accept that part of my mental health is that I often see things too literally.)

I think that the only way that I can properly answer this question is to say that whilst I agree that stress can sometimes trigger symptoms I am not sure – in my own experience – that it always does.

In truth, I think that – as with most people – our reactions to stress really are dependent upon what else is going on in our lives and indeed how our mental health is at the time of the stress being introduced.

But isn’t that true of most people?

I accept that it is probably true for some of us who suffer from poor mental health or from mental illnesses, our ability to handle stress can be greatly reduced.  But I really don’t think that ‘generally speaking’ we are any different to anyone else in that.

In fact, in my answer to day seven’s question within this challenge I created and included a mental health process chart in respect of how my own personal mental health seems to work.  This can be found here – for those who are interested.

Within that chart (as can be seen by the snapshot below) I tried to show the process which often happens with respect to my own mental health and within that process I included the introduction of stress factors.

MHPC Snapshot So yes I do feel that stress can impact our mental health and as a result bring on related symptoms.  But, as I say, I don’t believe that we are alone in this.

And, whilst I didn’t go into any deeper detail within the aforementioned chart, I do also believe that the type and level of that stress also has a direct effect on it’s impact and how it effects our mental health.

So much so in fact that in the above snapshot and in the aforementioned chart you might notice that next to the “Introduction of a Stress Factor” box there is also an “Introduction of Abuse-based Trigger” box.

In my own case, this refers to any stress fact which is directly or indirectly linked to abuse.   And the way, level of, and speed of the impact of that particular stress factor is different to most.

stressbrain6x4So there you have it.  My answer for today’s challenge question.  In truth I know that there is so much more that I could say about this subject.

But the fact is that I started this post several hours ago and my mind is such today that simply putting together what I have has been a long laborious task and one of constant re-reads, corrections, further re-reads, re-writes etc.

So I think I am better off simply ending this post here.