romans8_26-27Sometimes, it seems, the mind is incapable of formulating the words which the heart needs the mouth to voice.

There is something there.

Something pure.

Something precious.

Something intimate.

Something intensely felt.

Something which needs to reach out and to be heard and to be held.

For some, for so many it seems, these just lay there in the unspoken.  And in that moment new walls, new scars, new hopelessness is formed.

I knew this feeling only too well.  I knew too intimately this dark damp silent passageway and where it leads.

I am so very thankful that I no longer need to feel it for myself.

No longer have to know it in the now.

But I remember it and I know that the battle with my mental health is a constant one and that sometimes I fall and it seems to takes over and I am there at that dark, damp passageway, there in the unspoken once again.

But I am thankful for this, because it gives wings to my prayers.  Prayers not necessarily verbalized and yet still prayers.  Prayers of silent whispers of love.

In my quiet time this morning my heart led me to remember this and to thoughts of folk who feel so very alone.  Those who feel isolated, trapped, unloved, unworthy, untouchable, unreachable.

Look at those words again if you will…

Isolated, trapped, unloved, unworthy, untouchable, unreachable.

How many reasons, how many scenarios, how many life-experiences can you think of that can cause someone to feel these things?  Indeed, how many have you yourself known which have caused you to feel these things?

“Father, this isn’t how it is meant to be!”  My heart cries out to God through Christ and not of myself and my own strength but in my weakness and by His Holy Spirit.

Yes, my heart cries.

Not for myself and not in defeat.  But in praise and in hope and in love.  For truly there is hope and truly there is love.  And my prayers this morning is for all those in the unspoken.