fluJust a short post to apologize for my not having posted or responded to many comments over the past few days. But I have the flu.

I am convinced that this poor guy looks better than I do at the moment LOL.

And being a caring sort of guy I have spared you all from having to suffer looking at a “selfie” of me in my current state!

Having written my post on “Changes and Challenges Ahead” the other day, by the evening I was feeling decidedly unwell and took to my bed and that is pretty much where I have stayed ever since. (Other that is than getting up a couple of times to welcome visitors from church who have very kindly brought me in some shopping, food and a constant supply of cold remedies and tissues – for which I am extremely thankful!)

Even reading is just too much effort at the moment and so I am extremely thankful for the audio recordings of the sermons preached at my church, among other internet resources out there – which I am at least able to listen to whilst in bed and on the rare occasions when I am actually awake.

This morning a delivery arrived for me – which I have been waiting for and so I thought I would take a moment to post a little post thanking you all for your kindness and prayers before retiring back to my bed.

In truth I am hoping that this flu is starting to break now. I am not as “bunged up” as I have been and although I ache in places I never knew I had places, once again I am down but not out – and I give thanks for that.

Whilst in bed I have been trying to catch up on all the comments that have been posted on the various blogs that I am involved with and one comment on “Christian Concern For Mental Health” really challenged and encouraged me today.  It read – or the part I am specifically referring to read…

Nothing has brought me closer to my Creator than experiencing depression, and there’s much potential for other mental sufferers, with the right support and guidance, to also experience their suffering as a means to know God more personally.

Like the person commenting, I have, for many years, struggled with some people’s attitudes towards mental health and suffering and sadly especially some of the attitudes often expressed within the body of Christ concerning it. And this latest episode of ill-health has given me even more time to reflect on this.

I will praise God with or without my illnesses and I will accept His sovereignty with it, without it, in it, through it and beyond it.

Hopefully, as I said, this flu is now breaking and I will be up and able to post more regularly again soon! But until then I will just say “Praise the Lord and pass the tissues!”