Beyond The Baubles LogoChristmas is a wonderful time of year isn’t it? A time of giving and loving. A time of sharing and of family.  A time of celebration and of thankfulness.  A time set aside when we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. (And yes I know He wasn’t born at this time of year, but are you really suggesting that this negates just how important it is to remember such a wonderful and life changing event?)

And as I sit, this Christmas Eve, reflecting on the importance and awe-inspiring implications of Christ’s birth I find myself also reflecting on so many other things.  So many blessings that I have in my life.

I live alone and am not very mobile and so in truth, if you were to visit me this Christmas Eve morn, you would find no decorations, no festive reefs, no expectant stockings, no brightly decorated Christmas tree atop a wonderful array of equally colorful presents.  All these things take a lot of effort and when you live alone, somehow they all seem far less important and to be honest with you, whilst I may not physically have them in my home, I do very much have them in my heart….

That tree, which points to the star – the light that sits upon it, reminds me of my life to date. A life which I hope and pray – despite some bald spots and patchy parts, hopefully hidden at the back where no one sees them (don’t we all do that with our trees and indeed our lives?) – somehow points to that light, to Christ.

The tinsel, wrapped and weaved throughout the branches of that tree, remind me of the journeys that I see so many wonderful folk taking towards that light.  All inter-woven, touching each others journeys in part and then wending their own way onwards in other parts.  But all bringing glory and blessings, if we were but to take tie to see them as such.

The lights, just as woven, just as colourful, remind me of those blessings in life.  And yes there have been and are so very many that I am thankful for.  The quiet unassuming gentle words of encouragement, the unexpected texts and calls from family and friends, the warm hugs and moments shared together.  The lessons learned and the yes even the trials faced and that He has brought us through.

The baubles. Yes those baubles and little decorations hung so carefully on that tree, on that life.  They put me in mind of each of you.   Of, friends and family.

How much emptier that tree, that life would seem without you.  I give thanks for each and every one of you.  For the colour and joy that you bring as you bless my life, as you hang on that tree. And you, they, bring me back to the very beginning, back to the very core of Christmas. To the one who hung on a tree for each and every one of us.

The light!  Yes the light of the world. To Christ himself.  There is no greater gift that we can have or that we can share with each other than Christ Himself.  And I am so thankful that this is a gift worth sharing all year round and not just at Christmas when, as my pastor reminded us this Sunday, hearts seem somehow more open.

So yes, if you were to visit my home this Christmas Eve morn you would find no decorations, no festive reefs, no expectant stockings, no brightly decorated Christmas tree atop a wonderful array of equally colorful presents.  But I hope and pray that through this little post I have been able to share more than just my home and have shared just a part of my heart.

For me Christmas reaches much further than just a time of year and goes far beyond the baubles.  It touches the very heart of God through the very Son of God.

It signifies the greatest gift any of us have or could be given and one that can only start in the heart. The gift of a perfect loving heavenly Father saying here I am, and here is My love. Will you allow it to enter your heart and unwrap it in your life?

God bless each and every one of you.



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