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what-is-dragging-you-downI saw this beautiful and yet sad picture over on FootSoldiers4Christ and it really impacted me!

I wonder what you see when you look at this picture?

A beautiful butterfly struggling with a rock?

A rock limiting a beautiful butterfly?

Is it a half glass empty v glass half full kind of question.  Incidentally my normal answer to the question, “what do you say when you see a glass containing only half the amount of liquid it can contain – a) glass half empty or b) glass half full?”  Is c) “Ok. which one of you scamps pinched half my drink?”

Actually the name of the above picture is “What is dragging you down?”  Which I think kind of answers my question – at least in terms of what the person naming the picture thought.

So I ask that question next – what is dragging you down?

I have had a really wonderful day today.  My son and his partner helped me with a big job that needed doing today and I am so grateful to them for doing so.  But all through the day – despite the fact that our efforts were proceeding well and any obstacle encountered was moved or a way found around it (thank you Lord) – I have personally struggled.

Mentally I struggled with the voices and the negative internal dialogues.  Physically I struggled with my health, the heat, my leg, and indeed my weight.  These things were dragging me down, although I did what I could to hide it. 

what-is-dragging-you-downI also, along with much prayer, did what I  could to fight through them and by the grace of God was able to.

So that is what I see when I see this picture.  Neither a beautiful butterfly struggling with a rock nor a rock limiting a beautiful butterfly.

NO what I see is a beautiful butterfly taking flight despite the thing that tries to hinder it.

And that is my encouragement for each and every one of my readers today. “Yes we all have things which seem to drag us down or seek to limit us.  But we don’t have to give in to them.

I am blessed, extremely blessed to have a strong faith and a personal relationship with Christ.  Through that and through the loving support of my brothers and sisters in Christ – especially at the church I attend (Wxccc) I gain; strength, encouragement, support and determination to go on.

So, as I make ready to turn in for the night, I leave you with that encouragement and with this adaptation of that wonderful picture…

pressing on