Well it has been so very long since my last post and I wonder how many folk have given up on this blog by now?

All I can do is apologize and explain what has been happening and to share what little news I have.

As you know I have had major issues with my leg (which is now becoming legs as my other one was also diagnosed and is showing signs.)  Treatment was all arranged pending my doctor’s approval.  But my doctor took one look at them and had referred me to a consultant surgeon concerning the matter.

IMG_0537(The original photo I shared about my leg).

So I am now awaiting news of that prior to treatment – which apparently I will probably still need to have regardless of anything the consultant surgeon does. 🙂

I remain however, in great spirits despite it all and despite the fact that it has seriously impaired my computer time.  (I have to keep my leg elevated most of the time.)

WWSB10What little computer time I can sneak in has been devoted to getting my books published and I am delighted to be able to share that now all 10 books in the Whispering Wind series are out there and available on Amazon.

This has been such a huge project and I am so very blessed by the feedback as well as all of the support that I have received during this project.

I cannot thank folk (especially my children and my brothers and sisters in Christ from my home church) enough for all their support and understanding and I just hope ad pray that they bless folk.

One last very exciting piece of news is that having now finished the Whispering Winds series I have been able to start work on a novel based on my life and my coming to Christ.

This is such an important project for me and has been tough to do but I hope ad pray it will be worth it and that God will use it or His glory.

OPJ Cover

If all goes to plan I should be able to publish this book in the next week or so and so any prayers for this would be much appreciated.

So there you have it.  A quick update on how I am doing!  Physically I am so very tired a lot of the time nowadays but I think a great deal of that is down to my leg as well as the normal everyday stuff going on with my physical and mental health.  Emotionally and mentally I am pretty good – ups and downs but we are all familiar with that aren’t we?  And thankfully spiritually I am grand 🙂

I will try to be arrange much more I promise and for all you folk whose blogs I normally try to follow, please know that I have been reading stuff on my iPhone I just haven’t been very good at commenting as it takes me so long to type on that.

God bless you all.