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Well it has been a while since my last post and, as I was reminded, is probably way past time I posted an update 🙂

I have, as many of you will no doubt know, been having some serious issues with my leg and have been trying to get treatment for it and in the meantime have been ordered to keep it elevated as much as possible.  Additionally the heatwave that we have been experiencing has only served to complicate matters – although I am delighted for all those who, unlike me, actually enjoy the heat 🙂

But having to keep my leg elevated has seriously impacted how much time I have been able to spend at my desk and at the computer and is partly responsible for my lack of posting recently.

The other reason for my lack of posting has been that what time I have been able to spend at the computer has been dedicated to getting some of my books edited and published. 

BooksI have been so touched, encouraged and in many ways humbled by the positive feedback that these are receiving and this has inspired me to wanting to get the series finished and out there so to speak.  And I now have 9 books in the series out there on Amazon in paperback and kindle format – which is so encouraging, and I am now currently working on the 10th book whenever I am able. 🙂

In respect of my leg – or as I recently found out – my legs, since it seems that the other leg is also affected but to a much lesser and hardly noticeable level, I am still – despite my best efforts – awaiting news about when the treatment will start.  Although I do have an appointment at the Foot Health Center on Friday which is at least something positive.  

Mentally I find that my mind has been fairly tormented of late and that I am zoning in and out of depressive states more frequently.  BUT the blessings are still there and thankfully, although tough to handle, these episodes have not been too lengthy.  I never ceased to be amazed at how much God and my faith have brought me through and whilst the battle continues I know that I do not fight alone. 

So there you have it, my update.  I cannot say that things have not been tough as they have been.  But what is more important is the fact that despite this I am still able to achieve things and that I know I am not alone in it all.

So my encouragement to you all, “No mater how hard it gets, keep on keeping on!”