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Since it seems that I am unable to sleep tonight, although yes I am going to try again after I have posted this post, I thought that I would take a moment to post a quick update on  what is happening with my leg as well a making an apology to all those who have posted such kind comments of late.

Firstly an apology – which of course is for my not having answered any of your comments of late.  This was unavoidable really as I will explain whilst also giving my update.

I did manage to go to my appointment last Friday and indeed got a very positive  prognosis providing of course that I do my bit.

I have to keep using the cream that I have been using to treat the skin and there were marked signs of improvement – which of course was encouraging as this was the biggest threat to the leg as it meant that the lymphatic fluids were either near to or beginning to leak through the skin.

I have been so very blessed by all the prayers and support in respect of this and am delighted to be able to say that when my son and his partner checked the leg for me this morning both he and she commented on how very much better it looked.

In respect of the swelling itself and the possible treatment that I can get for this I am still waiting to hear just what treatment I am able to receive.  As many of you know I have a heart condition and some treatments are contraindicated for someone with a heart condition and even if I am able to have the treatment that is being considered the level of treatment is dependent on my doctor and so that is what is being decided at the moment.

Hopefully I will hear about this in the next few days.  Additional to all this but still part of it, because I am also diabetic and because I am diabetic I also have to see a chiropodist and the earliest appointment that I am able to get for this locally is not until the end of the month and so we are trying to see if we can arrange an appointment slightly further afield and members of my church have kindly agreed to try to provide transport for this.

In the mean time – in order to safeguard the leg and address the swelling I am wearing a compression bandage and having to keep my leg elevate as much as possible – this has meant that the time I am able to spend at my desk on the computer is extremely limited and this is the reason for the lack of posts and indeed the lack of responses to your very kind comments.

One slightly surprising piece of news from my appointment is that whereas I thought that only one leg was affected it seems that there are early signs that the other leg is also becoming affected.

This is of course concerning but not too concerning as I am confident that once everything is sorted in respect of my heart condition and its implications on the type and level of treatment I can have,  this will also be addressed.

In the mean time I am doing my bit by keeping my leg elevated as much as possible, using the creams regularly and wearing the compression bandages.  I am also extremely blessed as my church have very kindly contributed to the cost of the treatment that I will have to have over the forth coming weeks.

So there you have it both my sincere apologies for not having posted or responded to your kind comments and indeed an update on how much more positive things seem.

I also want very much to thank everyone for their kind prayers.  I have said many times over that without my faith I would be dead by now and I make that statement in all honesty and with no exaggeration at all.

My faith is so very important to me and I am convinced that the progress that is already being seen is in no small part down to those prayers and to God’s grace.  When all this came about I prayed so very hard about it and determined that I would stand on God’s word and rest in His love over all this and that is what I have tried to do.

As soon as I have more news as to the exact treatment I will post again but until then please forgive me lack of posting, but I am determined to keep my leg elevated as much as possible which means that the time I actually do get to spend at the computer is used for other things such as emails and managing the websites that I manage for folk.

Again thank you so very much for all your prayers and kindness.

Kind regards and God bless you.