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I found this picture over at my-walls.net and it really is appropriate for this post 🙂

Whilst a different location and indeed not a photo I myself have taken it is very similar of a scene that I know so very well.  A group (or murder) of crows suddenly flying up out of a field.

Look out of my study window and across the road you will see a field (although not as pretty as the one in the photo) and very often there are crows in that field.  They sit, walk, peck and feed on it quite contentedly.

Not many people really know they are there (except the field itself of course) until there is a sudden noise (kids shouting or a car back-firing) and suddenly they all rise up, en-mass, at hover in frantic flight, cawing as they do so!

Like I said, it is a scene that I know so very well!  But not only in reality also within my head where my mind is the field and the crows are the voices that I hear.

Voices which not many people know they are there except my mind of course on which they continually sit, walk, peck and feed quite contentedly.

But for these dark hallucinatory birds of vocal accusations and ridicule to take frantic flight en-mass there needs be no sudden loud noise just arguments, unjust criticism, false accusations, illogical misunderstandings.


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It started with an innocent comment made by a fellow blogger, then came an accusation made in email and the ensuing discussions where the truth finally came out, followed by yet another understanding and folk assuming and then accusing me of feeling and reacting totally differently to how I actually was.

But these things happen don’t they? Misunderstandings, incorrect assumptions, insensitive behavior?  And in truth, whilst we might do all we can to reduce them,  we cannot stop them.

Much like the voices – those sinister black crows which take frantic flight and hover and caw for days to follow – these things will happen.


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Trust me, if I had a gun and the necessary ammunition, I would shoot each and everyone of the voices, those crows – out of my life, my mind.

And yet we do in some ways have that gun and the necessary ammunition don’t we?  We have the truth and rational thinking and whilst this may not completely rid us of our crows (the voices) they can reduce them and come against them. (2 Corinthians 10:5)

Courtesy of tn disckerson diaries over at blogspot, no copyright infringement intended.

Courtesy of tn disckerson diaries over at blogspot, no copyright infringement intended.

Of course we don’t all suffer with schizophrenic voices do we?  But we do all to some degree or another have internal dialogues going on don’t we?  And we all do, generally speaking,  have access to the truth and to rational thinking.

So yes it may have been a difficult few days, days of the crows, but I , for one am getting my ammunition and am going to be looking forward to clearer skies 🙂