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There is, I think a conundrum that every blogger faces – that of being relevant and second guessing yourself as to whether what you are sharing – via your blog – is actually of interest to people.

relevance1-1024x727It is something that I have to admit I often face and if I am honest and open with you just a part of the constant internal dialogue and the voices – which I know are indeed part of that internal dialogue – which tell me that I am rambling or boring people or just plain weird! “Too weird for putting your thoughts out there on a blog” as they often tell me.

But of course a lot of it depends on the motivation behind blogging.  Is it to simply put your opinions and experiences out there because you sincerely believe that others need to know them or is it because you want to test your opinions or experiences and see if anyone else has similar thoughts or experiences?

For me there are a number of motivations behind my blogging.

Part of it is to share my thoughts and experiences in order to test them and to see what others who experience similar mental health issues as myself think and partly because I know what it is like to feel so desperately alone with those thoughts and experiences and in the hope that by sharing others will not feel that loneliness.

NoFriends1I am so very much aware of the isolation that can come with Mental Health Issues and so very keen that those of us within the Mental Health Blogging community do all we can to combat that isolation.  That is one of the reasons behind the Mental Health Writers Guild.

It is so easy to give into those internal dialogues isn’t it?  The ones that say what we have to say is not relevant or is just too weird, too out there, too insignificant, to matter.  But the truth is that we have no real way of knowing what is relevant to all the people who could come across our blogs.

Am I weird?  Am I a weirdo? Certainly the internal dialogue tells me I am and sometimes, sadly, others agree with them.  But I just don’t see myself that way and would never see anyone else that way thankfully.

So I encourage you. Keep ignoring those voices, those put you down dialogues and keep up the blogging!  Keep sharing what you are sharing because you never know who it will reach, who it will speak to, who it will bless. And those are my encouragements for you – encouragements, if you will, from not a weirdo!