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I have documented my memory problems many times before and certainly it is not something specific only to me.  Comments from other mental health bloggers would suggest it is, in various forms and to various degrees, something many of us face.

For me personally several factors seem to play their part in it all – lack of sleep, what meds i take, my Folic Acid levels – and how it presents itself varies also.  I can sometimes go into rooms to do something and forget why I was there, or suddenly realize that I am down town and not know why?  Likewise I have pictures of myself, my ex-wife and son on my walls and cannot for the life of me remember being there when they were taken – but there I am as large as life in them!  Likewise folk sometimes refer to conversations I seemingly have had with them but I don’t remember the conversation and then there is the fact that when reading I will often forget the first four words I have read before getting to the sixth word.

But does that mean I ( or we) we should give up on our memories?  Indeed are memories just for us?

Over the past couple of days I have been uploading (to YouTube) some movies that I have made – consisting of some photos and short video clips – of my daughter and I out at  different trips and outings around my home of Ireland.

These pictures and videos – and the subsequent movies I have made – were so that my daughter Janey could share them with her friends and with other family members an so that we had a keep sake of our time together.  But they also serve as a reminder of the good times don’t they?

(Please note the above is a video and best viewed on You tube and full screen)

Like those pictures on my wall, I may not readily remember the good times had when taking them but I do have hard evidence of the fact that they happened.

There is of course a certain amount of frustration attached to seeing pictures of yourself which you have no recollection of taking or being in, but this I have to say is far less that the alternative of not having either the memory or the pictures.

The memory, or so I am told, is like a muscle or a relationship and takes work and effort if you are going to maintain it.  The difficulty of course is that memories – their benefits and advantages – are a huge part of relationships aren’t they?

We often hear of people ‘falling out of love’ with each other and I can personally testify to the fact that mental health and how it can affect us and our relationships, can be a huge part of this and in truth I cannot help wondering if it is because we stop seeing the god parts and indeed stop making memories?

(Please note the above is a video and best viewed on You tube and full screen)

So my advice to anyone who suffers with mental health issues and indeed with memory problems is not only to keep on fighting and keep on seeing the good parts but also, and most importantly, to keep making memories!