Well it is lunch time and I am sat in my favourite local lunch-time eatery here in beautiful Enniscorthy.

Over the past few weeks I have been juggling physical illness, mental fussiness, the tormenting voices and negative internal dialogues with trying to build a website for the big local festival that is coming up. Something that my son volunteered me to do since he is very involved in it’s organisation of it.

It seems so long since I last blogged and I am itching to get back into the swing of regular blogging. Hence my sitting doing so over a lovely and most healthy turkey salad. And the chance to get out of the house is most welcomed as well.

20130412-010829 p.m..jpg

Matt (my son) and his partner Trish, are munching away on their lunches and I am enjoying their company. Actually I have seen a lot of them lately – Matt because of the website and Trish because I have been helping her with her college assignments.

But both of those are a true blessing to me and isn’t that what parents are for?

I can’t help reflecting, as our television screens seem to be filled with more and more seedy programs glorifying and encouraging wayward teenagers, pubescent pranks and perpetual promiscuity, just how blessed I am by my children and their partners.

I am old fashioned – in my parenting, my ways and my attitudes and I make no apologies for that. Additionally my faith instills and requires morals which all too often seem seriously lacking nowadays.

My faith, like my church are core to who I am and are the very foundation of my approach to life, love and parenting.
I am so very thankful for my children but I recognise (and in fact celebrate) that their adulthood ( and indeed their teenage) does not remove them from being my children or from needing the love of a father, it (they) instead simply present us with needing to find new, effective and mutually acceptable ways of showing and offering that love in Christ.